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Little Rock, Arkansas

Meet Our Members

Beginning my career in 1994 as a certified nursing assistant, I began to realize that the needs of the elderly were great. I was taught many things on my journey, including monitor technician, phlebotomy, Licensed Practical Nurse and now an Registered Nurse- and that is not the last endevor. I believe in education and that it is truly an ongoing adventure. It doesn't stop because you've reached 50 years of age.


My aspriration for HSADCC:

My hope is to reach every community and to not only awaken the aging adult, but people, in realizing that age has nothing to do with vitality, love, passion or drive. It is with an open heart I desire to be able to bring forth a renaissance to healthcare- after all these years in healthcare, I still bring hope.

I began caring for clients approximately 15 years ago and have been able to reach many people in the south east Arkansas area to the elderly...not just with their needs but also their wants - we want to stir up their talents, their thirst for knowledge and most of all, a fire for social interaction. 

I started out in healthcare approximately 9 years ago and it has given the opportunity to not only learn about people but to comprehend how illness affect family dynamics and how the healthcare professional is sometimes the only advocate between the client and the family. I bring to this company patience and goodwill toward all people.

I began my career as a medical assistant in 1986. After working in health care for almost 30 years and working with people in the capacity of patients, clients even donors, I understand that it takes the whole team to achieve the goal. During my work experiences, I have had the opportunity to both supervise and train. Being nationally certified, I realize that we require not only discipline but strong management skills as well. I believe that at HSADCC we have that: and with our team striving for the betterment of our facility and its clients it is with strong conviction I hope to make the organization the best that it can be.

Lynn D. Walls
Registered Nurse/ Proprietor
Angela A. Wright
Certified Professional/ Controller
Ava Bradford
Certified Professional/ Board Member
Lisa A. Langston
Medical Assistant/ Board Member